Activities of GSLDC

Gujarat State Land Development Corporation Ltd. is working for the effective implementation of various state and Central Government Schemes to alleviate the grievances of farmers in the state and to increase the ground water table to nearby treated area.The Corporation has a mechanical division having 63 nos. of bulldozers to carry out the schematic works. Particularly in disilting of ponds in the state, rescue operation in like flood, earthquake or any natural calamity in the state.Following various Soil and Water Conservation Activities in Cultivable land and Un cultivable Land carry out:In Cultivable Land
[A] Soil Conservation
 Field Bunding
 Land shaping / Land leveling
 Land Terracing
 Kyari Making
 Gully Control Measures
 Bank Stabilization Measures
[B] Water Conservation
 Farm Ponds
 Water Harvesting Structure
 In Uncultivable Land
[A] Soil Conservation
 Contour Trench
 Loose Boulder Structure / Earthen Structure
[B] Water Harvesting
 Nala Plug / Gully plug / Earthen Structure
 Masonry Structure
Special Activities for Surface Water Storage
 Desilting of Village Pond
 Farm Pond / Sim Talavadi
 Water Harvesting Structure